Adoption of Continuous Flow


Dear readers, authors and other interested in the Revista Subjetividades,


Following the trend of scientific publications, Revista Subjetividades (Journal of Subjectivities) will adopt CONTINUOUS PUBLISHING.

Revista Subjetividades has been publishing its articles online since 2010, since online publishing is currently the predominant means of communication of research results and other scientific articles. More recently, the journal started to publish exclusively online. The online publication features innovations, properties, and advantages that, in many cases, are not replicable in print media. One of these advantages is the possibility of publishing articles in a continuous stream.

This innovative possibility of continuous publication of articles promotes speed in the communication process and the availability of research with numerous advantages for users, without the need to wait for the complete composition of the issues. The main objective is to accelerate the process of communication of the researches and thus contribute to their availability for readings and quotations.

With this, it is also necessary to meet the requirements for indexing in large databases. Consequently, this will give us input to meet other CAPES requirements and raise our ranking before Qualis. In this way, we maintain our commitment to the Brazilian and international scientific community.

With the application of streaming, all issues of the current year will remain open (In progress) e, as the articles are accepted and diagrammed, will be inserted in the edition that is not yet complete. With this, the flow of articles will be accelerated, increasing the exposure time of the material, which will give greater visibility to the journal and the published works.


We appreciate your interest in our work.